(Episodes 4 to 6 inclusively)


Fact NOT Fiction


by JAH



George Lucas quite naturally believes that he wrote "Starwars", when, in reality, he was told telepathically what to write in the original first three Episodes (4-6), by the very "Force" to which the films refer, and was "forced" to make only episodes 4-6, first, as a very important step in the preparation of mankind for the long-awaited TRUTH, about the real reasons for human life on Earth ("what on earth am I doing here?"), the meaning of life and its purpose, contained in "The Way home or face The Fire", from which episodes 1-3 should have been made, as I did my best, frequently, to tell him.

Unfortunately George Lucas has exercised his "Free-will"; ignored me and made Episode 1 - "The Phantom Menace"; with arrogant actors who publicly ridicule the
real message and the real fans, which undermines the original theme and Divine Message; contradicts it and is mere fiction (lies), telepathically fed to him by the Dark-side force (Satan), to try to confuse everyone and undo the good (God's) message contained in the earlier three films (Episodes 4-6). This is Satan's standard-practice and very predictable. He has done it with the Old Testament; New Testament and Koran and the three major religions who claim to be based on them.

Not understanding that he was being told telepathically, Lucas thinks that "Starwars" came from his imagination, which is a perfectly normal human reaction that many people have had over the centuries. Rudyard Kipling thought that he wrote "IF"; Oscar Wilde thought that he wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray"; Joe Darion thought he wrote the words to "The Impossible Dream"; Steven Spielberg thinks he wrote "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and the list is endless.

Although "Starwars" (Episodes 4-6) is
set as science-fiction and in a distant galaxy to make it entertaining, it actually refers to this galaxy and life on Earth.

There actually was a REAL star war thousands of human years ago, in this galaxy, on the "Morning Star" [Venus] (Revelation 12 v 7; 22 v 16; Isaiah 14 v 12 in the king James Authorised Version of the Bible [which was the ONLY translation worth reading until the new "King of kings' Bible" was completed]); (Koran sura 6:76 and 86:1-4) and you were ALL on the losing side.

It is
IMPERATIVE that I say, at this point, that the "Star" of Bethlehem was a SPACESHIP and that God and Christ are aliens and the Books known to you as the Old Testament; New Testament and Koran are NOT religious Books in the way that you all think of religion today. These Books are a guide/map sent by the "Force" from the Morning Star and which have been taken and used; abused and mis-interpreted by the various Religious Organisations for their own material benefit.

In the film, "O.B.1 - Kanobi" tells Luke Skywalker about the "Force" and describes it as a good energy field that gives a
JEDI his power and which surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy (Universe in reality) together ("love thy neighbour") and he goes on to say that it is created by all Living things and that Life makes it grow, which is repeated later on by YODA.

In fact, the "Force" Itself is the source and Creator of
Life and it is Love (not sex) that makes it grow. This small mistake about the creation of Life and the "Force" is the only mistake that O.B.1 and YODA make and everything else that they say about the "Force" and how to use it are perfectly correct.

O.B.1 tells Skywalker that
he must learn The Way of the "Force" and how to use the "Force" so that he can help others and Luke replies that he has work to do and that he hates evil, but there is nothing he can do about it, which reflects and symbolises almost everyone on Earth's attitude and reply.

Once Luke has lost his human family and all his material possessions, which are the things that bind him to the Earth and he has "
nothing to lose" except his human life, he decides to learn to "use the Force" and fight to put the world right, symbolising what the Disciples did (Luke 18 v 28-30).

The demonstration, where O.B.1 tells the storm-troopers that they do not need to see Luke's identification and that he can move along and go about his business demonstrating that the "Force" can have a strong effect on the weak-minded, actually works, but it works telepathically via the "Force", not with spoken words. It is done with words in the film because it cannot be shown telepathically on a film-screen.

The coffee-bar full of weird creatures symbolises many of the places you have been yourselves, full of "creatures of the night", not all of whom are
really bad, but where some boast of their evil deeds and fighting ability and who pick fights with you for no reason.

Luke starts to learn to use the "Force," firstly trying to use his human eyes, then later whilst wearing a helmet with the "blast-shield" down (Ephesians 6 v 17) so that he cannot see, symbolising "blind-faith".

He is told not to trust his human eyes because they can deceive him (like yours deceive you) but to stretch out with his feelings (not human emotions) and feel the "Force" around him, guiding him and protecting him from attack.

The "Light-sabre" symbolises a combination of the Guiding-Light ("I am the Guiding-Light of the world" - John 8 v 12), and the Two-edged Sword of
TRUTH (Ephesians 6 v 17; Hebrews 4 v 12; Revelation 1 v 16 & 19 v 15) [like "Excalibre" - the Sword of Power] which guides people with "blind-faith" and cuts through the lies; deceit and evil of this evil empire (Earth) and protects you from evil attack, both mental and physical, like a suit of armour (Ephesians 6 v 10-19). "He who draws Excalibre (the TRUTH) from this 'Stone' (Christ - Genesis 49 v 24; Daniel 2 v 34; 1 Peter 2 v 4-9) shall be king" (Revelation 1 v 6) - FREE (John 8 v 32, 36; 1 Corinthians 7 v 22).

The "remote" ball that shoots out red "fiery darts" to attack him from all angles, symbolises the way that
Satan will attack you from every possible angle if you do good in the world (Ephesians 6 v 16) and that, using the "Force" and the "Light-sabre", you can always defend yourself (Ephesians 6 v 10-19). Satan will always attack anyone who does good in the world because by doing good you have become a threat to him. He will attack you from every possible angle; from within telepathically, with fear and your imagination running riot; and from without by sending people to get in your way to try to stop you.

To be able to wear the "Force's" Armour you have to first be able to find it and you can only do that by following the Guiding Light's instructions (Christ's True Secret Teaching in John 3 and the Gospel of Thomas - The Doubter), even if you do it unknowingly.

Once Luke feels the "Force" and blocks the "fiery darts", O.B.1 tells him he has "just taken his first step into a larger world" - the real world, the spirit world, immortality and eternity and is no longer a slave to this material world, but has taken his first step into God's Kingdom here on Earth.

Han Solo, who portrays the typical human; scornful; sceptical attitude, says it is luck because he doesn't believe that there is one
all-powerful (Almighty) Force controlling everything and that there is no mystical energy-field controlling his destiny. Han, like most humans, does not believe, nor has "blind-faith", in anything he cannot see or touch, so later on he gets into terrible trouble and has no "Light-sabre" with which to defend himself and Luke has to save him.

When their spaceship is caught in a "tractor-beam" which is physically more powerful than their ship O.B.1 says they cannot win by physical fighting, but that there are alternatives to physical fighting when you are physically out-numbered.

Once their ship has been drawn by the "tractor-beam" into the control of the empire, they then connect their droid - R.2.D.2 - to the Death-Star's main computer (via the Internet) and R.2.D.2 finds the location of the power-source controlling the "tractor-beam" which is keeping them from leaving and makes it appear on the computer-monitor.

The location of the "power-source" is shown as being a shape similar to a church door / arch-way, which appears on the computer-monitor to show that the evil Empire uses all organised religions to deceive the masses and to draw people into them and to keep them under their control and away from God (The Force).

The tractor beam is coupled to the main-reactor in seven locations, which represents the seven churches that Christ condemned in the Apocalypse / Revelation. Seven, in Scripture, is the number of completeness and, in referring to the seven churches, Christ is condemning all churches and organised religions.

The "Force" then guides OB1 to the power source of the "tractor-beam" (organised religions - bureaucracy - officialdom - oppression) which overpowered them and showed him how to neutralise its power, without physically harming anyone.

Han and Luke, however, in complete contrast, were having to fight physically, like maniacs, because they did not know how to use the "Force".

Luke offers to go with O.B.1, but is told that
his destiny lies along a different path, even though they were going in the same direction, just as each of you are individuals and have a different path; but The Way is The Same.

When Luke finds out that the princess is a prisoner and wants to rescue her, Han Solo won't help him because he is selfish and doesn't want to risk his own life, to save hers. "But they are going to execute her" (Luke). "Better her than me" (Han)! Typical human attitude.

Luke is about to give up on Han, when the "Force" tells him telepathically that if Han won't help because it's the right thing to do, then Luke must appeal to his sense of greed. He does and Han changes his mind and helps rescue her. They then follow her advice (like Adam does with Eve) and get into
worse trouble until the "Force" again comes to the rescue and tells Luke to use his communicator to get help.

Han then says that if they can avoid any more female advice (
women's liberation - 1 Timothy 2 v 11-14 note well Genesis 3 v 17) they will be able to get out of trouble and that no material reward is worth the female abuse he is getting (Hell has no fury like a woman's scorn).

O.B.1 then has to fight, using his
blue "Light-sabre" against Darth Vader with his red light-sabre which symbolises Satan's dark (side) force and he tells Vader that he cannot win because if he strikes him down he will become more powerful than he (Vader) can possibly imagine.

Deciding it better to sacrifice his own human life, for the benefit of his friends and the common-good of all who hate evil, he voluntarily allows himself to be sacrificed whilst his friends escape ("greater Love hath no man than
this; that a man lay down his life for his friends" - John 15 v 13).

This is a demonstration of
"Self-sacrifice" i.e. the total destruction of his own selfishness (following Jesus' example on the cross - "I am The Way" you have to be, to be able to follow me back to Heaven - "I am NOT from this world" - John 8 v 23).

Once O.B.1 had destroyed his own
selfishness he knew that he would have passed the "Force's" test and would become a "Being of Light" or angel again and so would be more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine, becoming his real self again (his soul) and be able to be Luke's "guardian angel", which he actually does become.

Luke does not understand and thinks O.B.1 is dead, just as you do about each other, and cannot believe that he is gone until he learns that O.B.1 is still alive and has become his guardian angel.

Darth Vader symbolises the Devil's disciples of whom this world has seen many, e.g. Adolf Hitler -
the anti-christ 666 ("storm-troopers" with their cylindrical pouches hanging from the back of their waists just like Hitler's storm-troopers had), who have used the dark-force - Satan's powers to wreak havoc and evil on mankind (please see my "The Real Darth Vader" Booklet). Hitler was actually trained as a Satanist. These people have always been beaten by people who were not afraid to lay down their human lives, for the benefit of others (Churchill said, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."). At the end of the first film, the fighters are reminiscent of "The Battle of Britain".

It should be obvious to you by now that Vader's emperor symbolises Satan and
the evil empire is Earth, where we are in "the dark-times" because Satan is ruling, due to a desperate shortage of JEDI Knights. That is why the Earth is so bad and full of evil with child-molesting; raping; mugging; murdering; adultery; religious, political and commercial wars etc. etc. etc.

The empire then plays a trick on the heroes and lets them escape with a homing-device onboard, but, as with all tricks, it eventually back-fires on them and brings about their own downfall.

One of the emperor's governors says that the regional governors (national governments) will take control of their territories (countries - using their Tie- [collar and tie] Fighters) and that their technological terrors (military weapons) will keep the locals (
you) in line.

Vader, their high-priest, then says, when challenged, that they should not be too proud of the technological terrors that they have constructed because the ability to destroy a
planet (nuclear weapons) is insignificant compared to the power of the "Force" and that he finds his colleague's lack of "faith" disturbing.

Han starts to boast about their escape and says he is not helping because it is the right thing to do, or even out of Love, and that he is only in it for the money. The princess then tells him that if money is all that he cares about then that will be all that he will receive and says to Luke that she wonders if Han
really cares about anyone, or anything, except himself and money. This is again the typical human attitude and symbolises the fact that if you are selfish and care only about yourself and money you will never find true happiness (Joy) and real Love and friendship and the contentment brought about by a sense of real achievement at having faced all the odds and having won because you did what was right and didn't give-in. Money can buy you none of those things.

The empire's weakness is found and symbolises that
one man, if he hits the right spot, can cause a chain-reaction that will destroy the whole system and that he will have the advantage because the system thinks that it is too big and too powerful to be destroyed by one fighter. This under-estimation on the part of the system then gives the advantage to the single but determined to win, come what may, fighter. This is to show you that you CAN do something and can win if you have enough faith and use the "Force's" guidance (Matt. 21 v 21 where the words 'mountain' and 'sea' are code-words for 'government' and 'people', respectively). For further information about codes, please read my "Four Horsemen" Booklet.

Han collects his money and is leaving when he is needed most and even tries to get Luke to run away from his responsibilities (like Peter does - Matt. 16 v 22) and Luke tells him to take care of him
self because it seems that that is what Han is best at (like Matt. 16 v 23).

Luke is upset because he thought that in Han he had found a
real friend and that Han had changed but finds out that Han is only a 'fair-weather' friend. Princess Leia tells Luke that everyone must choose their own path and no-one can choose it for them (which applies to all of you too).

Luke, under telepathic-guidance from his guardian-angel O.B.1, uses the "Force" to destroy the evil-oppressor when
everyone else, relying on human-technology, has failed miserably.

Han; having second-thoughts because his conscience (the "Force") has pricked him and shamed him into not being so selfish; returns at just the right moment (Divine Timing) and helps Luke to destroy the enemy.

Leia is excited and says that she knew that doing what was right was
really more important to Han than money.

Even the robots display unselfishness with C3PO offering some of his parts to help repair R2D2.

In the second film, of the trilogy, O.B.1 tells Luke that he must go to the
Day-go-by System and learn from YODA - the JEDI Master (teacher) who instructed O.B.1.

The Day-go-by System and YODA (YO/DA - YOur DAily) the JEDI (JE/DI - JEsus' DIsciple) teacher symbolised in the film by a planet and a wise alien teacher respectively are actually a daily (YOur DAily) type of learning system and a Book (called "God Calling" by Two Listeners, published by Arthur James, available from all good book-shops).

Luke says the Day-go-by System contains no cities (concentrations of evil) or technology, but massive
Life readings (it is a Book) ("the Words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are Life" - John 6 v 63).

YODA tells Luke that wars do
not make one great because Luke has the wrong idea about fighting, just like Peter had when he cut off the High-Priest's servant's ear - John 18 v 10.

Everything that YODA tells Luke about the "Force" and how to learn to use it is perfectly correct.

The cave symbolises the dark-side (Genesis 6 v 5) and the imagination (when it runs riot with fear and evil imaginings) or "Cavern of your mind", inside of which there is only what
you take with you and obviously you need no physical weapons to enter your mind and overcome your fears and find calm, peace of mind - all you need is the "Force".

Once Luke has found YODA, the emperor (Satan - Lucifer) says that he has a
new enemy who could destroy his evil empire and put the world right and bring peace, Love and harmony, to everyone. (Like Muad'Dib does in the film "Dune" - please see my "Dune-Gibraltar" Booklet).

Luke practises standing on his head with YODA and R2D2 standing on his upturned feet, which symbolises that he is training himself to use the "Force" so well that he can do it "standing on his head". YODA and R2D2, being supported by Luke's feet symbolises that when he loses his "blind-faith" and thereby the "Force's" help, he lets down not only himself but those who are depending upon him to succeed.

YODA tells him that he must UNLEARN what the world has taught him and that we are really "Luminous Beings" ("Beings of Light" - angels) and NOT crude human-matter - John 3 v 5 & 6; Matt. 22 v 30.

Closing his eyes, symbolising his own "blind-faith", YODA moves Luke's spaceship, out of the swamp, onto dry land; after Luke has already "tried" and failed, making the situation worse for whoever comes after him, because of his lack of faith; symbolising that enough faith can move a mountain (Matt. 17 v 19-20). YODA then grunts "Thank You" to the good "Force" for having helped him to move the ship.

Luke says he doesn't believe it and YODA tells him that
that is why he fails (Matt. 17 v 19-20 & 13 v 58).

Through the remainder of the film and its sequel, Luke learns more and more faith; control and how to use the "Force", fighting progressively harder fights against more and more difficult adversaries, as part of his training, until he eventually fights against Vader (the Black Pope), who is a real devil's disciple. Luke loses because he has not mastered his "Self"-control and use of the "Force".

Vader then tells Luke that he is his "father" (Matt. 23 v 9) and tries to pull him back from becoming a JEDI, symbolising Matt. 10 v 34-37 - "I came
not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man in dis-agreement with his father and a man's foes SHALL BE they of his own household. He that loves father or mother more than me: and he who loves son or daughter more than me is NOT worthy of me".

Luke escapes, by being prepared to sacrifice his human-life rather than do evil, and is left hanging upside down on a cross after refusing to join his father. He is then rescued with the assistance of the "Force". Luke continues his training, gaining more and more faith, until he has really mastered the technique and becomes a JEDI Knight, at which point he has become invincible. He eventually fights Vader again and wins, but refuses to kill him because he feels that there is still some good in Vader (even in the most evil people there is some good).

The emperor then attacks Luke when he drops his defence and Vader defends him, giving his own life in the process.

Luke still doesn't understand about the human physical body and the soul because he wants to save Vader's human-life and Vader tells him that Luke's Love and actions causing Vader to turn from evil to good and give his life for others has saved him and earned him his right to become a "Being of Light" again (angel) and then O.B.1; YODA and Vader (Anakin Skywalker) are
all shown as angels.

I hope that I have
succeeded in proving to you all that although "Starwars" is shown as science-fiction, the theme running through it is TRUE and refers to this planet and shown you that what Luke Skywalker learns is what each and everyone of you HAS TO learn in order to get out of Hell, which is where you are now, and become an angel again and go home, never having to wear crude, smelly, clumsy, human-matter again. YODA calls that state of freedom from matter "forever sleep" - like a wonderful dream.

You must learn The Way of the "Force" and become JEDI Knights and fight to put the world right. The ONLY alternative is to face the IMMINENT Apocalypse; the "Fire" and be executed for YOUR war crimes.

OB1's Message to you...
"Realplayer" movie extract (Part 1).

In the same way that you know "Starwars" and the "Force" are not religious by today's understanding of the word, I hope that I have now convinced you of the
TRUTH that the Old Testament; New Testament; Koran; God and Christ are not religious (by today's definition) either and that I have helped you all towards a new (to you), TRUE and SENSIBLE understanding of the Teachings. You should read the new "King of kings' Bible", which contains all three Holy Books.

YODA's Teaching...
"Realplayer" movie extract (Part 2).

I have kept this explanation as short as possible because if I had gone into detail on every point, it would have become a book, and I have already written a Book (
The Way home or face The Fire) to explain everything in detail.

Copyright © 1985 revised 1999 - JAH - all rights reserved.

George Lucas has been given all his world-wide success with "Starwars", by the "Force", so that the world would see the films in preparation for the "long-awaited"
TRUTH contained in His new Book, called "The Way home or face The Fire", which explains everything you need to know, and some of you have always wondered about but had no-one to ask. This Book, along with the Book - "YODA JEDI Master*" and total commitment on your part, will teach you how to SURVIVE the Apocalypse and eventually earn you your right to go HOME.

* YODA (YO/DA - YOur DAily) JEDI (JE/DI - JEsus' DIsciple) Master / Teacher is actually a daily (YOur DAily) type of learning system in a Book called "God Calling" by Two Listeners, published by Arthur James and available from most good book-shops. It is also available from JAH. Please click here for details.


You can not afford to be without them.